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Todd Sadler
CEO, The Gourmet World

National British Sausage Week.

Dorset Hurn Honker Sausage PREPARE for a banger bonanza next week as one of Dorset’s finest food producers joins forces with a local chef to celebrate National British Sausage Week.

The Dorset Smokery & Charcuterie will be showcasing their award-winning sausages at Ye Olde George Inn at Christchurch with a special menu and a series of tasting events.

Top bangers include the Hurn Honker, a coarse cut franglaise pork, garlic and onion sausage and famous Wild Boar and Apple Sausage, (a favourite of the Christchurch Food Festival) which won two silver gongs in the Celebrate Your Love of the Great British Sausage Competition.

Other varieties include the New Forest Red Sausage, venison with red wine and spices and Pork & Smoked Cheddar, all in natural casings, with no artificial colouring or flavouring.

There will also be a full range of sausage tasting at The Dorset Smokery & Charcuterie at Hurn on Sunday, November 9, between 11.30am and 2pm.

The smokery’s product manager, Thomas Stevens, said everyone was welcome: “We are delighted to be able to promote British Sausage Week and show people through tastings at Ye Olde George Inn and here at The Sausage Centre, the quality of sausage that is available on their doorstep.

“We are committed to producing the finest sausages available and truly honouring this British Classic”.

James Vincent, head chef at Ye Olde George Inn, added: “Bangers & Mash is a British classic, and when using the quality of sausage produced locally in Hurn, can be a taste sensation.

“The sausage is brilliant in its simplicity and is worth celebrating”.

News Flash 18th October 2014

In the national GREAT BRITISH BANGER competition 2014 we have just been a warded Silver for our Hurn Honker and also Silver for our famous Wild Boar & Apple Sausage. This is Just fantastic !!! More to follow --- We will soon be having a ‘cook-off open day’ at Hurn all most welcome, to celebrate our love of the Great British Banger during British Sausage Week 2014 – 3rd to 9th November 2014. Please see press/TV/radio for dates and timings.
Lovefood - Top Artisan Pâté Producer

The Rustique Pâté Company, Dorset listed as one of the top Pâté producers in the UK on the Lovefood website for that ‘the true taste of tradition’ The Rustique Pâté Company top producer.

by Charlotte Morgan
Monthly Competition

This months competition prize is Ł100 voucher to redemeded on our online Deli.

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BRC 2014/15


Following a two day rigorous external audit conducted by STS (Support Training & services Ltd) into our operations at Hurn 8th/9thSeptember 2014 we were awarded the BRC Global Standard accreditation for the fourth year running for Food Safety – issue 6. The BRC Global Standards are a leading safety and quality certification program, used by over 21,000 certificated suppliers in 90 countries, with certification issued through a worldwide network of accredited certification bodies.

The Standards guarantee the consistency of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfill their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer

BRC Global Standards are now a fundamental requirement of leading retailers and food producers.

Tom Stevens

Product Manager

PRESS RELEASE - 19th August 2014Great Taste Awards 2014

Great Taste 2014 reveals new stars and The Dorset Smokery & Charcuterie is a winner

The world’s largest blind-tasted food awards Great Taste, has just released the stars of 2014 and The Dorset Smokery & Charcuterie is amongst the producers celebrating as it’s Wild Boar & Apple Sausage and Forestiere Pate are now able to proudly carry the little gold and black Great Taste logo.

Judged by over 400 of the most demanding palates belonging to food critics, chefs, cooks, members of the Women’s Institute, farmers and a host of food writers and journalists, Great Taste is widely acknowledged as the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers. When a product wears a Great Taste label is carries a badge of honour but more importantly, the Great Taste logo is a signpost to a wonderful tasting product – and hundreds of judges have worked hard to discover the very best through hours of blind-tasting a total of 10,000 different foods and drink.

“The Wild Boar and Apple Honker, which is always a highlight of the Christchurch Food Festival, reigned supreme once again, and in a totally different category the Forestiere Pate has reflected our skills and determination to excel. It is an achievement that we are immensely proud of and as a Dorset based and branded business, something for the local community to be proud of also” Thomas Stevens – Product Manager

Great Taste is simply about taste, not clever branding or smart packaging. Judges are presented with a spoonful of jam, a sample of pate, a slice of salami, a sausage, or a cup of espresso, with no wrappings, jars or marks – and they taste, confer and re-taste before making the decision on whether a product should be a 1-, 2-, or 3-Star winner. In total more than 12 judges will have tested and commented on each product.

This year a massive 10,000 products entered into Great Taste and of those products 153 have been awarded 3-Star. A panel of supremely talented judges including; Masterchef judge and restaurant critic Charles Champion, BBC Food Programme presenter Sheila Dillon, Great British Bake Off winner Francis Quinn, Masterchef 2013 Natalie Coleman, food buyers from Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and Whole Food Markets, and chefs including Michelin Star chef Russell Brown have together re-judged and tasted yet again the 3-star winners to finally agree on the 2014 Top 50 Foods, the Golden Fork Trophy winners as well as the new 2014 Supreme Champion.

Finally, on Monday, 8th September, at a nail-biting Award’s Dinner at the Royal Garden Hotel, London, the great and the good from the world of fine food will gather to hear who has won the Golden Fork Awards and the final applause will be reserved for the Great Taste Supreme Champion 2014.

Pasta hands on workshop Hands-on Workshop Bread 1

Joseph shows his hand at 'Pizza' dough spining!

Bread 1-The Beginning

Jess Bread Making One of the next generation of artisan bread makers tries her hand at the 'Hand-made Loaf' at the Artisan Food Centre, Hurn, Dorset.
Jess and her sister Amy, whilst on holiday from Jersey, attended one of the special one-day, hands-on bread making workshops held on a Sunday at the Centre. These workshops are available throughout the summer and party groups are most welcome.
Their comments at the end were "I really enjoyed it. The bread was delicious. I bet that all the bread we made would feed five thousand". Well, there we go!

Pasta Workshop

Pasta one day hands-on workshop Just one of the products produced during the one day hands-on 'Pasta Workshop'

Hands-on Workshops a Great Gift

Great as a gift! A must to get away! Culinary adventures for the solo hungry traveller, the couple on a romantic escape, a group on holiday or the corporate team in retreat.

Traditional Bread from Transylvania
Traditional Transylvanian Bread Baking
Bread from Transylvania
The home made 3kg loaf was discovered during a fact finding visit to Transylvania - Romania. These traditional loaves are baked at home in outside ovens.

Traditional Transylvanian Bread Baking

Baking is done by setting a wood-fire inside the oven. When the inside of the oven turns white, the oven is ready for baking.

The burning embers/charcoal are pushed aside to each side of the oven and brought forward to the mouth of the oven. The oven floor was then quickly cleaned with a very wet cloth, attached to a long pole. Using a peel the dough mixes were placed on the floor of the oven, after which the mouth of the oven was closed and sealed for baking.
Following the baking period, which can be from two to three hours, the bread is turned out using a peel. Decanted from baking pots, if used, and pummelled with short wooden staffs, to remove the black overcrust, which was achieved in the initial high temperature of the baking process. This pummeling, i.e. removing the chard outer overcrust, results in a lighter softer undercrust emerging. Sometimes a hand held grater is used to get a finer finish on the undercrust.

The loaves where then rested for an hour or so. They had a good old-fashioned flavour and a good crumb, and required an old-fashioned bread knife to cut them!!!

Angels On Horseback
Angels on Horseback Just Pure Genius - The New Orleans Appetizer - Angels on Horseback Angels - A taste of The New Orleans A very simple dish with many variations and it’s great to experiment.

Basically, the dish consists of oysters wrapped in a piece of charcuterie such as Pancetta, Parma/Serrano ham, chorizo or even thinly cut ham or bacon. With some sort of seasoning added before or after grilling/baking. This recipe uses Pancetta with Dorser Ring of Fire. The oysters need to be removed from their shells, setting aside the oyster water – take care doing this (or get your fishmonger to open them (shuck them)). Try to save the oyster water. After preparation / grilling serve the oysters by returning to the cup half of their shells, placed on a bed of seaweed (if you can get it).

Ingredients: (serves 4)

12 Fresh Oysters – try to buy them the day you plan to cook, shucked (opened) and the cup half of the shell reserved. Try to keep the oyster water.

12 rashers of thinly cut Pancetta.

Dorset Ring of Fire – available from the Kitchen by The Smokery.

Cooking Instructions:

Pre-heat grill to moderate heat.

Remove the oysters from their shells.

Use enough pancetta to wrap around each oyster and fix in place with a cocktail stick.

Place on an oyster tray or baking tray (cake tray), then place under the grill for 2 to 3 mins, remove from heat, turn oysters over and place back under the grill for a further 2 to 3 minutes. The oysters should curl at the edges and the pancetta slightly brown. Remove from the grill, arrange the cup half of the shells on top of the seaweed on a plate, place the oysters back onto the shells, dress with oyster water, Dorset Ring of Fire and serve with crusty bread and a chilled good white wine.

Useful Tips:

• Try to open the oyster over a bowl so that you can catch the oyster water.
• Pass the oyster water through a tea strainer to remove any bits of shell.
• Wash out the cup half of the shell in cold water once again to remove any bits of shell.
• To the oyster water you can add:
- A very good chilled white wine,
- Pernod,
- Finely chopped garlic, coriander, finely chopped parsley, etc.
- Various herbs,
- Lime or Lemon zest,
- Soft Green Peppercorns,
- Tabasco ..and so on.. and so on.
• Lightly heat the mixture and dress the oysters with it once they have been returned to their shells.
• If using cocktail sticks, always soak them in water before use – it will help prevent them burning whilst under the grill.
• If you use bacon, stretch the bacon with the back of a knife.

On the second pass of the grill you can lightly dress with freshley grated Parmesan cheese or Smoked Cheddar (Dorset Red) from Ford Farm Dorset,

Bon appetite!
Bon appetite

Dorset Lardy Cake
Dorset Lardy Cake Is this the world's best Lardy Cake??

If you have recepies for lardy cakes and/or old fashioned breads, please let us know. We are running a competition for the best recipe, the prize being a one-day hands-on breadmaking workshop at the centre which includes breakfast, lunch etc.

Smoked Coq au Vin Casserole
Smoked Coq au Vin Casserole
(serves 4/6)
4/6 Smoked Chicken Leg & Thighs
Olive Oil
Clove of Garlic (optional)
Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper
3 Rashers Smoked Back Bacon
6 Shallots/Small Onions (cut into small chunks if large)
4oz Button Mushrooms
3/4pt Beef Stock
1/4pt Red Wine
1tbsp Tomato Puree
1tbsp Juniper Berries
1tbsp Madeira (optional)

Heat olive oil, and crushed garlic, seasoned with salt & freshly
ground black pepper in an oven proof casserole dish.
Saute bacon, shallots, and mushrooms until softened in olive oil.
Add smoked chicken leg & thighs and warm through.
Stir in stock, wine, puree and juniper berries.
Bring to boil.
Thicken sauce if required with cornflour.
Cook in oven (gas mark 3/170C/375F) for ˝ hour.
Check sauce consistency and adjust if necessary.
Add madeira.
Serve garnished with parsley.

Bon appetite!
Bon appetite

Sugar & Confectionery Workshops
Working with sugar,molding, blowing, pulling,pouring.Its amazing what you can do.

Sugar & Confectionery Workshops

Artisan Pasta & Gnocchi Workshop
Artisan Pasta Understand the principle uses of different flour from grains and pulses in pasta, noodle and gnocchi making. Make the doughs and then the pasta and gnocchi. What a fantastic day!!!

Andy Chu, Prince of East Asian cuisine in demonstration.
Andy Chu Just Fantastic
Andy Chu presents; East Asian Cuisine Hands-on Workshops
Andy Chu is a leading Chinese Cookery Consultant and award-winning Patisserie, Confectionary and Savoury cook. He excels in delivering delicious East Asian cuisine for the Western palette, having first developed his craft in the kitchens of his parental hotel in Macau, Mainland China. Arriving in the UK, Andy fulfilled his fascination with Western delicacies by completing training in European Patisserie and Confectionery techniques. He continues to broaden his knowledge on Eastern and Western cooking techniques through extensive travel and aims to create simplified, tasty, Oriental dishes, so that everyone can learn and prepare them with relative ease.

The Oven At The Smokery
Bread from Quinney's From Quinney's, our own artisan bakery at Hurn
The breads we offer are the ones that are better after resting for at least one day after baking such as;
Spelt (Dinkel)
Sour Dough
100% Rye
Quinney's Old English Fruit Loaf etc.

Chiropractic College goes a Baking
College at The Bakery

A group of 'future' bakers (could be a loaf of bakers, or a crumb of bakers or possibly a dough), but close to middle 'C'!. They came mainly from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC), for the hands-on bread making workshop Bread 1 - The Beginning.

Again and again and again the workshop had that little bit of "Italian Finesse" with Joseph Luraschi now the leading artisan baker in the UK. What a work-out from breakfast to lunch, to final bake. just shear poetry. The young Joseph, a true 'Master Artian' from the the Italian village Como applies his craft - just magic, yes magic! The next Workshop Bread 2 'The Doughs' will make history again!!.

Love to All Joseph

Master Charcuterer Workshops
Master Charcuterer Workshops

The one day workshops begin!

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